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Title: My Top 5 Commercials

Original post date: 6/14/2008


It’s about half-way through the year and I want to share the top five commercials of 2008 so far, that I run away from my desk for.

5. Mercedes-Benz
Somethings’s always there to remind you. It never quite occured to me the power and elegance of the Mercedes commercials, I mean I’m from New Orleans. They only ran adds there like twice a year. But in L.A. where the median income is $36,687 (Mercedes C300 $32,000), it’s always good to reinforce the notion. Leasing papers are in my future.

4. McDonald’s
Somebody’s got to keep it real for the brothers. One word to best describe the victims for the nation’s pot bellies — diversity.

3. E*Trade
Babies!! They’re innocent, adorable, and loving. Excellent ploy to sell your product. Plus, you can always get the subtle sexual innuendo that modern marketing so desparately needs, seriously! [‘You’re a bad girl.’ — I think he says.]

2. Pepsi
It’s like yesterday almost. Let the spoofing begin. And what better choice than the cult indie comie hit Night at the Roxbury. I’m actually jerking my neck while I’m writing this.

They didn’t run too long. Way extra ‘sensitive’ Americans out there, you know. Poor marketing guy. Instead of being happy that he got his product into every lunch discussion on Sunset, he hurt his cred avoiding the tough questions about if people could decipher what it meant, and saying he wasn’t sure if it would be good marketing, or not. Hell yeah, it’s good marketing. Everytime I saw it I was… LMFAO! 😉

Well, we’ll see if it gets better. Definite honorable mention to the NBA Finals playoffs campaign. Sweet! Seriously though, Black kids rapping to fast food, expensive 2-doors, text messaging babies, cult movie spoofs, and shorthand — all creative, and all deserving of a Clio Award. (

The Fall line-up better get their butts in gear!


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