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Title: Oh, Crap! I Think I Have This! — NOLAgoraphobia

Orignal post date: 4/21/2008


an excerpt from Times Picayune, columnist Angus Lind’s article: Afraid to Leave New Orleans? You many have NOLAgoraphgobia – 4/21/08″ – it reads:

One of my readers, let’s call him Huey, confessed to me recently that he suffers from a special form of agoraphobia in which the sufferer (that would be Huey) experiences serious discomfort when leaving New Orleans.

He calls it NOLAgoraphobia.

But let him describe it. It’s very interesting. And weird.”I apparently have internalized the entire city as my home and thus am as nervous about leaving the city as a conventional agoraphobic is about leaving his house,” Huey says.

Makes sense. If a true Orleanian, whether native or adopted, has to go long periods of time without red beans, gumbo, po-boys, crawfish, shrimp and ersters, his immune system starts breaking down. When that happens, he is basically dysfunctional until either the pilot says he is beginning his approach to New Orleans or he spots the “New Orleans City Limits” sign on the highway…”


Thank You, Huey & Angus. I’ve experienced this phobia to the fullest, since I left New Orleans 2 years ago. I know that one day I’ll be home to stay. I’ve tried to explain this to my West Coast friends how much discomfort I feel being out here. They don’t realize how ingrained we New Orleanians are to our city. There’s no place like it on Earth. I remain strong though. If it weren’t for my entertainment ambitions, I’d be home right now sitting on my front porch enjoying a half shrimp, half soft-shell crab po-boy with a side of potato salad and Big Shot©.


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