Back Down Memory Lane…

Title: Tough Time Gettting Published!!!

Original post date: 3/31/2008


Since it’s going to be a long, long time before I’ll see my name with “by” in front of it, I figured I’d pull an excerpt from a short story I wrote a while back. I think it’s pretty dope.

From the short story LUNCHTIME by [lol] Gregory A. Netterville:

…No school work, no quizzes, no anything—anything of importance that is. I can’t wait to her who Mrs. Jenkins is punishing for lunch today. Who could it be? Oh well, they’ll miss out on how great I was today. Only to outdo myself tomorrow with a repeat performance—a better performance! Everyone will say I’m so funny and how I have the best snacks. Then we’ll all run to the yard and I’ll be picked first for kickball. And all of the girls will smile and giggle when it’s my turn. And I’ll blush of course. But, that’s for later! Right now, it’s Lunchtime!…



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