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Title: Digital work-over: unrealized until now. . . A concerned gentleman’s worst nightmare! (The internet is too safe for opportunism.)

Original post date: 9/5/2009


This isn’t Internet stalking. It isn’t glancing, or perusing,
or browsing. It’s a calculated chance at opportunity. For who? Opportunistic women! Duh!

SCENE: Two women sit down for a dinner on a quiet Sunday night.
LOCATION: Quaint 3-star establishment in Los Angeles
PROP(S): Blackberry® cell phone
SETUP: Older and much more experienced woman helps her younger and a tad bit naiive contemporary learn everything she needs to know about her potential male interest via the Internet.
Yep..It’s that easy!
On my last Recon post I caught wind of an evil plot. Two women–from my appraisal they were easily dressed in about the $1900 dollar to $2500 dollar price range–were browsing a website that will remain nameless for John Doe’s stats. (I write in fear that if I expose the actual web address, I would only be aiding other opportunist not in the know about an easier route to what they want.) The poor guy. There’s no need to sift through his wallet while he’s sleeping, you can do it from the comfort of your own dinner table.
This “business website” lists John Doe’s profession, place of employment, and just about every other bit of information needed to help these two women decide that he’s the right guy needed to secure a life of lavishness all on his expense. His work title was one they hadn’t seen before, so they Googled that also.
Before the main course arrived they were toasting to their victory. No matter how much John Doe disclosed in his initial encounter with the curly-haired, young lady, this website helped her paint in the rest–so much for him being cavalier.
Now I’m a bit sympathetic for guys like this. Really, I am. I somehow feel like it’s up to me to protect good, hard working and might I say financially comfortable guys like John Doe from blood sucking leeches like these two. He doesn’t have a fighting chance and it pains me that I can’t give him the heads up. The car ride home on their next date is going to leave him with the notion that she’s actually into him and not his net worth. BULLSHIT!
He’s getting “worked-over” by a new breed of opportunist. (I knew there was a reason why I don’t sign up to social networking sites under my real name.) Why is this opportunism? Well, her mood goes from “I don’t if I should call him” to “I’d be stupid if I passed up an opportunity like this one.” Thanks to her friend of course. It’s nice to know this philosophy is handed down.
So fellas, we have to protect ourselves. I’d stay away from online websites that ask to know every single thing about you. It doesn’t hurt to have information. The opposition sure does.

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