Street food for everyone, or maybe some… Oh, well–I made it in!

Main Food Row...

I’m sure somewhere a long time ago during the planning stages—in this case I guess what would’ve been: a nifty idea on a couple of sheets of paper and several meetings at a coffee shop in Silver Lake—an event corralling all of the cities “cool-looking” food trucks that serve “uber-flavored” meat and whatever else that has been “infused” to blow off your taste buds, and have them operate at one central location (a Downtown Los Angeles film production lot) for Angelenos to sample the above mentioned notorious, “curb-side quick” cuisine seemed like a bright idea. Ambitious—clever even, but bright?

You decide…

11am -- before Armageddon

(I’d like to clear my name and say that I didn’t have the “this was brutal” thought swirling around the back of my mind unlike many of those who made it in Saturday afternoon at L.A. Center Studios before going further. I understand it was the first time, but I’m not so sure there are people out there who would endure a second.)

And it’s right to want to start off small, but this is L.A., home to 6 million plus people, and things here happen—and trust me it happened today—in a “big-sort-of way”. Festival directors, Shawna Dawson and Sonja Rasula, probably learned this the hard way.

About 200k...

This festival, for those that love to say Los Angeles doesn’t have any culture, is L.A.’s own love-child. There! Tell all of your friends back east, L.A.’s has them beat on this one!

Looked tempting...

The movement of “meals-on-wheels” has officially gone mainstream, that’s if it hasn’t already. 220,000 (would not be surprised if higher) is a nice round number for my guesstimation on attendance…inside. (LOL) Figure in another 250,000 hovering around outside whose fate I couldn’t decide.

Props to the “rogue” trucks that made some quick sales from the queue that roped its way around the block. (Must’ve been a good three hour wait!)

This weekend is usually reserved for “pre-fixed” (prix fixe) Valentine’s Day themed menus, separating unsuspecting yet charming men of their money as they do their best to profess (profess meaning spending money on a $100 dollar bottle of wine) their undying love to their significant others, were monetarily spared for this one. The first annual L.A. Street Food Festival was worth checking out, and it didn’t involve reservations, however it did involve STANDING IN LINE!

During Armageddon...

The V.I.P. was all too important, and it wasn’t even for the restrooms. Yup, you guessed it, I saw “V.I.Pers” waiting for food too! (Yikes! My pre-sale ticket at $10.00 got the same for someone who spent $30.00)

Here’s how it went down:

1. Loyal patrons of L.A.’s more popular food trucks gathered up their friends & families in hopes of letting them experience the food they enjoy on wild drinking nights or at lunch break while at the office.

2. Foodies like me got up out of bed and skipped the coffee chat at Starbuck’s and said “F*&% yeah!” to some good eats.

3. Fans of local radio stations, trades and blogs felt this was the economical choice before the “big day” on Sunday.

Well, 1, 2, and 3 all showed up at the doorstep at the same time and in large numbers.

Oh, yeah…

The X-Factor was in the form of people passing by who decided to go for broke. Why not! I did hear people say they skipped the line.

Hopefully there were some happy experiences. Here is mine:

Buttermilk Truck & Ludo Lefebvre’s Ludo Bites drew the longer lines which benefited the less “popular” trucks. [Scab money is still revenue $…]—

Ludo, Ludo, Ludo!!!

(I foolishly avoided these two until I realized that they were hands-down: best in show!)

Del’s Lemonade was very refreshing, and Mama Koh’s Chicken was there for me!—

(I’m hooked! I’ll be looking for Mama Koh’s Chicken truck next time I’m out clubbing!)

Monsieur Egg was so-so!—

(Again, scab money is still revenue!)

It seems like these food trucks are here to stay…in L.A.! So next year Shawna & Sonja, call everybody, even trucks that are in Marina del Rey! This festival needs food…to offset the lines!!

And if this festival is supposedly still holding true to its “streets” image, there are some pretty large streets around L.A. Live: [*wink-wink*]

More sponsors wouldn’t hurt!: [*wink-wink*]

I’m all too aware of this phenomenon—taking something, food in this case, and watching it as it goes trendy. I’m a New Orleanian through-and-through and had to watch as my beloved Po-boy Sandwich was snatched away for chance at making a few mainstream commercial dollars. Now my favorite tater-tots from The Grilled Cheese Truck are suddenly 75,000 other people’s favorite tater tots from The Grilled Cheese Truck. It’s bittersweet but you have to strike while the iron is still hot, I guess.

Seriously, I wish all of these restaurateurs the best! [ :’-( *weeping*]

And if you didn’t get any food, at least you were happy to be there! Considering how the weather’s been lately, it was good to get out of the apartment and have some fun in the sun!

A "short" line at 11am...



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