3rd Day of Summer Calls for a Celebration…

“Y’all know what this is. It’s a celebration bitches.”
Kanye West, Celebration


After a months-and-months of discussion, talking, wooing and coaxing, I can now officially say that I am producing a short film. And now I can do one better: say the name/title of that short film. [Drum roll, please…]


(Applause!, Big Hooray!, Crowd Goes Wild!!)

Not really…

First and foremost, credit goes to the source material, The Intimated Adventures of a London Eunuch by Gavin James Bower.


The Eunuch is a story that I stumbled onto late one night while internet-surfing for articles/essays written by my favorite writer (he shall remain nameless); specifically, ones he’s written about sexuality, relationship and alcohol — often all three combined. It was written in three parts for an online magazine, 3AM Magazine.

I like most of the work on this site which tends to be very transgressive and dark. It  seems like most of what’s written here calls out to me; I’m sure others might find the work here awkward. I especially love the stories here themed under theumbrella of sex. When I say sex, I mean premarital sex — the only sex I know and care to partake in at this point in life. And it’s not just the sex that I’m them reading for, I’m caught up in the journey also — how they (sometimes the stories involve more than two characters) got there whether it involves a reckless night of drinking Chartreuse or something more extreme in the case of The Eunuch.

— Side note —

New Orleans is a little bit more Bohemian than Los Angeles in some regards, definitely in the realm of sex/sexuality. Ask any New Orleanian what goes on at Mardi Gras, or ask one about Frenchmen street on Halloween night, or the great bigSwingers’ convention that rolls through town annually.

Halloween night… Frenchmen Street

Never before have I been in the presence of so much guilt/shame for doing something natural. It’s so confusing. Is it the religious thing? Is it society? What’s going on? We push sex off on everything yet people feel so awkward about discussing it/doing it. Are we really sexually liberated as we claim to be…

— Maybe not —



Part of why I wanted to get into filmmaking was because of my interest in human sexuality, exploring ways on how to capture it from all angles: romantic, consensual, shady, etc. It’s the greatest thing that can happen to us, that, and a big tax return.

The Eunuch called out to me. I couldn’t see myself not doing it. I feel like the character feels trapped and his plight resonates with so much going on in my life on all levels.

Expect a wild and crazy ride…


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  1. marshall fitz Says:

    We were pleased to see you again at BL and have enjoyed not only this entry but the entire site esp The City: New Orleans!

    Hang in there!

    Marshall Fitz and Family

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