Director’s Thoughts #2

“Along with the rest of the boys I climbed quick to the top rail of the corral…” “All of us were paralyzed… standing there with our mouths open and eyes wide…” — A. B. Guthrie, Jr.Old Mother Hubbard

I’m at the point now where all of the department heads are showing what they’ve been away working on…

I had to pinch myself! My words have been turned into something tangible. My emotions almost got the best of me, but I have to go press onward. I don’t want to get caught up in how cool everything looks. I probably won’t fully appreciate all of the hard work done by everyone until the very end. I couldn’t ask for  a better crew really.

I’m going to post the photos of the pre-production work once production has wrapped. Something like a before and after sort of thing… just to have something on the blog until the film has been cut.

Everyone has been amazing! We’re days away from the actual shoot…




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