New Drank!: Weekly Quotes

Hello all. I’m writing at length today to set up a new weekly thing I’ll be doing which is to provide a quote—some serious, some not so serious—for us to reflect on during the week. It’s just something we can re-read again and again to keep us on task while we work on our project, or while we’re in between projects, or not working on any project at all—whatever your creative endeavor may be. Mine is *deep over-dramatic sigh* screenwriting and/or film review/analysis and/or film business related ish. (I also write observations about what’s going on in America and the world at large hence the name of the blog.)

Currently I’m in the game-planning phase for a new project. For those of you who actually read this blog, you know that’s why there are long gaps of time in between my posts. So for now posts will come with a little more frequency. As for the quotes, I’ll be posting one every Tuesday—if I’m working on something or not—and hopefully before 10 a.m. (Sundays and Mondays don’t exist to me.)

The way it works is simple: you read it, feel some type of way about it, then see if it applies to what you’re working on, not working on, etc. If it applies, great! If not, well at least you have a new quote to go into your repertoire of random quotes to say to randomly to people. Easy enough, right? There shouldn’t be any pushback on this, I think. This is just the wheel all over again, only I’m putting my spin on it…

And away we go.

M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher


“A man always has two reasons for what he does—a good one, and the real one.”  – J.P. Morgan


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